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About EKA

Since 2001, Eric Kozlowski Architect has delivered building solutions with impactful, innovative, architectural designs.  Listening to client needs and concerns with consideration and attentiveness allows team EKA to  understand and grasp the specific project requirements. Input from all project investors, employees,  customers and every day users  enables the team to  meet the project needs while managing budget and time constraints.


Analysis, aesthetics, artistry and creativity combine with mechanics and technology yields buildings that meet client’s intent and purpose.  Well designed  interior spaces are just as important as how attractive the project exterior is.  Client collaboration regarding interior environment enhances the human interaction optimizing its functionality and creating spaces that empowers all.  Co-creating the interior environment  colors, surfaces, light, and textures with quality materials and workmanship is an investment in the all persons within the space optimizing their efficiency , morale, and overall wellness.

EK Architect Southridge School
EK Architect Timbercreek School

As a small architectural firm, work is completed with scale and efficiency by leveraging technology, utilizing 3D modeling programs for co-creation of the “work”.  Diseconomies of scale are avoided by exact consultant coordination, rapid, adequate and correct communication and accountability enabling creation of work of a medium or large firm.  Extra hours and hard work are just part of any firm’s office expectations. Architecture takes time, it  is not a flash-in-the pan endeavor. “Work until you’re done” is just how architecture firm’s function.

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