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Master Plan

A Master Plan is a fundamental place to start any project. This phase incorporates long-term strategic solutions which address a clients current needs and identify building solutions that are adaptable to the possibility of future construction projects. We take an integrated approach in which we work closely with clients in order to understand what they need and what their visions are. With this information we are able to design feasible and relevant master plans.

Architects and engineer create architectural works from their imaginations into 2D and 3D

Schematic design

The use of critical thinking in conjunction with information collected at the start of the project will help us to create the design. Ideas for floor plans will be presented in 2D and selected 3D views highlighting project concepts. Upon presenting the ideas to the client we will listen to their feedback to help modify the design. Changes and modifications done during this phase will allow for the best movement forward and have less impact and consume less time than in the future. The time this phase takes varies depending on feedback rate and decision-making abilities of the client.


Design Development

This design phase is when the basic ideas are set and the team can begin to refine them. Consideration of specific materials and the evaluation of them regarding appearance, longevity, availability and cost. The client will need to make final decisions if more than one design option is presented. Preliminary cost estimates can be determined at this phase and used to advise, refine, and confirm the design.


Construction documents

Building on the Design Development Phase, the work done in this phase will be documented with a higher level of detail for contractors and authorities having jurisdiction to review. Building elements will be established and designed to convey the overall intent of the project. The final drawings from this phase will be used for bidding, permitting and construction.

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