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Calculator and money

Construction Cost Estimating

This stand alone service can be utilized to confirm the cost of the construction of the client's project. We can verify the project's scope and the necessary budget allocations that will help determine if the project will be feasible for the client.

EK Architect BIA Concept

Building Information Modeling

Utilizing a clients existing documents, BIM takes project data which enables 3 dimensional model creation. This aids in the planning and verification of buildings and surroundings. The use of this technology helps both the team and the client visualize what a 2 dimensional document cannot.

Fire escape plan

Building & Life Safety Code Plan Review

This type of review can be utilized to confirm the client's building is safe for occupants. We review plans that have strategies in place to protect people based on the construction of the building, protection and occupancy features to help keep the effects of a fire and/or other related hazards to a minimum. Building safety is a major factor in the construction of new buildings and additions to existing structures.

Commercial Building

Property Condition assessment Reports

This type of report allows us to assist the client along with the collaborative efforts of engineers, and building inspectors, to understand the condition of a property.. A report is generated by a site visit including interior and exterior building condition review. Through this report the client will have access to the Immediate Repairs Table and the Replacement Reserve Table which helps them understand how the buildings condition will impact the asset's financial performance.

EK Architect Construction building project

Construction observation/ monitoring

In this scenario we can provide licensed engineers and architects to assist with the observation/monitoring of the project. We will make sure that the work is in compliance with the contract documents that have been presented to the client.

EK Architect Southmoore School

Architectural building surveys

We will do a measured survey of your building & property so that you know what you have to work with when considering future additions to the facility. The survey can be either 2D or 3D based on the clients needs.

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